Sarah Bahabry
Administrative Assistant
United Arab Emirates
Sarah Bahabry
Administrative Assistant
United Arab Emirates
"Good work follows when you start appreciating culture, economic reality, and necessity, and what is right for you and your family"

Sarah is our Administrative Assistant. She is a graduate of the University of UAE, having completed her studies in Food Science. Following her graduation, she completed various research and work posts at UAE Universty about food sciecne.

Sarah is also a prolific volunteer and activist within the community. she volunteer as an events organizer in a UAE University, and deputy chairwoman in Saudi club at UAE university, and Saudi Arabian Embassy.

United Arab Emirates University (B.F.S. 2020)
Work Experience
Human Resources at Jumairah Trading Company LTD. (2016)
Learning Independent Center in SASP at UAEU (2017 - 2019)
Undergrads research assistant at UAEU (2018 -2020)

Contact Sarah
Canadian Office: 181 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

Locations Overseen: Canada - Saudi Arabia - Kuwait - UAE
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