We offer a host of business services from company formation to the sale of a business, importing & exporting goods, and anything in between
Our business lawyers are experienced in obtaining tangible results, in order to ensure your ongoing success. We can assist you whether you are a founder in the early stages of business creation, an emerging growth company looking to raise capital and attract employees, or an established enterprise preparing for expansion, restructuring or sale.
Starting a Business
Our business formation services provide much more than incorporating a company; we also act as advisors in applying for government licenses, and zoning variance applications to convert the use of a property. We have helped set up restaurants, IT companies, hospitality and other services companies.
Commercial Transactions
Commercial transactions, such as signing a contract, lending money, or buying shares or a business, are serious undertakings. We are experienced in clarifying the legal and business risks for you. We list below some of the common commercial transactions that we advise on.
  • Purchase and Sale of Businesses
  • Shareholders Buyouts
  • Financing Borrowing or Lending
  • Joint Venture Arrangements
  • Developing Corporate Policies
  • Personal Property Security Act Issues
Contract Law
We are experienced in drafting, reviewing, and advising on contracts. In the past, we have worked with both individuals and businesses when signing contracts, distributing services, starting ventures, or buying property. We know the pitfalls to avoid, and the clauses to include, and can in turn save you the headache later.

Copyright and Trademarks
Our staff have years of experience in the field of trademarks and related activities. We frequently provide our own insights in matters related to intellectual property. We will ably assist you to acquire, commercialize and safeguard your brands and innovations.
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