If you are a business person, we can obtain for you a business visitor visa that will allow you multi-entry trips, in order to conduct business in Canada
Tourist visas are sought by a foreigner for tourism in Canada. A Business Visitor Visa (BVVs) is different. It is sought by a foreigner in order to visit Canada for a business purpose, such as attending a conference, or doing business in Canada. Generally, their duration tends to be longer than tourist visas, with some lasting for 10 years. BVVs must be substantiated by valid evidence, documenting the business connections and dealings in Canada. They should also accompany correspondence and host invitations regarding the latter. Due to their pressing nature, BVV applications are much more likely to be successful than tourist visas.
What are the qualifications for a Business Visitor Visa?
To qualify for a business visitor visa, we have to build a case for why your trip is necessary and how it follows a legitimate business purpose. Your application needs to address point, such as:

  • Is your trip necessary for the purpose it sets out?
  • Does it appear that you are a bona fide true Tourist or Business Visitor?
  • Does the document trail support your identification as such?
  • Do your affairs (financial and otherwise) align with your claimed purpose for the visit?
  • Do you present any risks of overstaying the visa, or claiming refugee status?
    • Many factors go into analyzing this one question alone
You can therefore see from reviewing these factors that a Visa application is not to be made in haste. If you do not address all or most of the factors in an evidenced and reasonable way, you risk obtaining a rejection. And rejections as you know are particularly harmful: They harm your chance of traveling to Canada in the future.

When we work with clients, we ensure that they meet all the above and other requirements.
What is the application process + time duration?
1 day Consultation to study merits
3-4 weeks Preparing documents based on Our Check List
2-3 days Notarizing Documents as necessary
1 week Exploring your business and benefit of visiting Canada
2-3 weeks Proving and evidencing Business connection and dealings in Canada
1 week Preparing Visa forms, and signing them Drafting host application
1 week Drafting legal submissions
1 day Submitting File
1 Week Submitting Biometrics
4-6 weeks Awaiting Decision
1 day Handing in Passport
5-7 days Picking up Passport
You would then be free to travel to Canada
3-4 months total
How garaunteed is the Business Visitor Visa application?
BVV have a higher rate of success than Tourist Visas. The reason is because they tend to be pressing in nature, and well supported (if done well). However, we have spoken to many members who applied by unexperienced consultants, and recieved a negative decision. So obviously the success of the application depends on who you work with.

This is where experts like us can assist you in obtaining a positive Visa decision. We have been in the field of immigration law since 2017 and have consistently been able to produce positive results for tourists and business visitor clients. We are also registered Canadian lawyers, with deep knowledge of how to make a legal case and how to support it by law. We know the 'supporting documents' and legitimate arguments to make in order to receive a positive decision.
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