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We will assist you to buy a business based on your budget, preferences, and experience
If you're interested in buying a business in the Canada, we can connect you with the right businesses for sale. At Canadianize, our lawyers and broker partners are experts at managing the complex process necessary to buy a business and provide an environment for a successful transaction. Our business listings have been generated with diversity in type and size in mind. You will see businesses big and small from many of the major cities in Texas.

It takes a lot of research and due diligence knowing how to buy a business and before deciding to invest in or when to buy a business. Starting with a quality listing means the legwork has been reduced. Our team will search through the massive listings available to find the only ones most relevant to you!

After we finish the buy and sale process, we could then use the business for your immigration into Canada.
What kind of business can you help me buy?
We can help you buy a variety of businesses, in any industry. If you plan to use the business as a vehicles for immigration, then there are certain considerations that you need to keep in mind.
Some businesses would not qualify, for instance, virtual businesses, and in some cases, laundromats, convivence stores, and others. We can explore these parameters for you.

While other business may be too cumbersome to purchase for immigration purposes, such as technology start-ups, and restaurant franchises. We will explain to you which businesses you should avoid.

Typically, most of our clients buy businesses in these key industries:
  1. Restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias
  2. Retail shops, of clothing, accessories
  3. Import/ export businesses
  4. Small construction companies
  5. Health and Wellness stores, and spas
  6. Food supply companies
  7. General trading companies
What is the time duration of the process?
This typical time estimate starts after you have identified a business you would like to try to buy. Typically it ranges from 1 - 2.5 months, as follows:

  • Initial meetings with seller to learn general information about the business – 2 weeks
  • Research the Industry – 1 week
  • Negotiate contingent offer based on financial and other information provided by seller – 1 week
  • Full Diligence – 3 – 4 weeks (total for items below)
    • Review tax returns, financial statements, 941 returns, sales tax returns, bank statements, licensing issues, customer records, vendor records, etc.
    • Negotiate terms of any lease assumptions for buildings, equipment, etc. with whoever holds the leases.
    • Are you using Small Business Administration Loan to Buy a Business? Meet with SBA loan officer and prepare the loan application and business plan for submission to Small Business Administration.
    • Apply for any licenses necessary for operating the business.
    • Consult with your CPA or other advisors relating to the purchase tax consequences, etc.
  • Buyer and Seller negotiate and agree on final closing documents: – 2 – 3 weeks
    • Training and consulting agreement seller will provide buyer
    • Non-compete agreements
    • Representations, warranties and indemnification clause
    • Purchase and sale agreement
  • Closing – Final agreements signed, buyer and seller exchange funds and business turned over to buyer
What is the sales process in brief?
The vast majority of business purchases are defined as "asset" purchases. On some occasions, a buyer will actually buy the stock of the corporation. Most businessmen prefer an an Asset Purchase transaction.

A buyer typically forms their own legal entity (LLC, Corp, etc) to purchase the assets from the seller's corporation. We will help

Contracts are then signed, between all stakeholders, including, buyers, sellers, lenders (if any), employees, and landlord(s). This would be done between the lawyers for the sellers, the lawyers for the buyers, and the lawyers for the landlord.

After all the contracts in place. Money can then be exchanged. This will also be done via the lawyers, so that money would not be mismanaged. After we transfer your money to the right parties, we would then obtain your ownership of the businesses.

The process is complicated, and filled with risks. But not to worry, we will guide you through this entire process, and complete for you the steps involved.
Why will the Seller require me to sign a Confidentiality Agreement?
Nearly every business owner and business broker will want a potential buyer to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before releasing information specific to their business. You will be expected to honor what you sign and commit to it. When a business owner states they want the business sale to be done confidentially they mean they don't want the employees, customers, vendors, lenders, etc. to know the business is being sold or even that it is for sale. Failure to honor the terms of the confidentiality agreement could subject you to legal action and possible damages.

We will help you understand and respect the terms of the Confidentiality Agreements you sign during the process.
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