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Do you want to access the worlds' most skilled labour force. Look no further than Ontario, Canada's most populated province
68% of adults living in Ontario have a post-secondary education, making it the most educated population in the world. Starting a business here will ensure that your employees come backed with some serious qualifications

In Ontario your business will also enjoy lower business costs compared to other business centres in the U.S. You will pay less corporate tax and your spending will be significantly lower on healthcare and housing. For this reason, and many others, two of Ontario's biggest cities, Toronto and Ottawa, rank among the best places to live and work in the world.

If you would like to earn Canadian permanent residency by starting, investing or purchasing a business in Ontario via the Ontario Entrepreneur Stream.

Make a $200,000 Investment
Have $400,000+
in net worth
Score 4+ points in English Test
Work for 2 years
before Residency
Obtain Citizenship in 5+ years
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Why live in Ontario?
In Ontario, you'll save on some of your biggest business costs, money you can use for further investments, innovation and growth.

The convergence of IT with traditional sectors, has drawn attention to Ontario's talent advantage. Comparable high quality talent found in top U.S. IT hubs such as Boston or New York is available here at a fraction of the cost, up to 45% less.

Better educated than any OECD country. 68% of Ontario adults possess a post-secondary education – a rate higher than any OECD country.

Employer health costs per year for a typical firm in Ontario are one-third the cost of the U.S. average thanks to the province's universal healthcare system.

Ontario cities compare favourably with their North American peers — less money buys more living space, according to the Median Multiple index.

How do you qualify for the entrepreneurship programs?
They are many qualifications. In brief, they are:
  • For Ontario, you must have a net worth of at least $4-800,000 or more, based on the city you establish your business; within the GTA incurrs a higher cost
  • You must have at least 2 or more years of business experience in your home country,
  • Also, most provinces require you to take an English language test, and get a minimum of a 4 of 10
  • And after you are accepted, you must actually actually establish the business in Canada, in order to receive the nomination that you need to apply for residency
Most provinces generally ask for the same requirements. But there are two main difference
  1. The first is that each province requires you to have a different net worth, or an amount of money that you own.
  2. And the second is that each province requires you to invest a different amount, that is anywhere between 100,000 thousand to 400 000 thousand
What is the application process, and timeline?
The process begins with us submitting an application, for you, called an Expression of Interest. This applications is like a Resume; it asks you to note down your biographical information, business experience, financial standing, and other topics. After we submit this application, this would complete the first step.

In the second step, your application goes into a pool of all entrepreneur applicants, and you will be assigned a score out of 100 based on your profile.

The provincial government conducts draws every few months, in which it says any entrepreneur applicant with a score above a certain level (for example: Above 73) would receive an invitation to submit a complete Nomination Application.

If you receive an Invitation, then this will begin the third step. We will then be given usually 3 months to prepare this extensive application. During this process, we will be required to submit many supporting documents and work with an international Financial Institution in order to prove your financial position. We would work with you throughout this time, and then submit a complete application to the government.

In the fourth stage, the government would review your application, and approve it or reject it. If the application is true, and complete, it will likely be accepted. If it is accepted, you then must sign an undertaking (promise contract) and other documents that commit you to open that business in the province.

After you sign these documents, in the fifth step we will apply for you to obtain work permits for you and your spouse, and study permits for your children, which would allow all of you to come to Canada. This would complete the application process.

After you succeed in opening the business, and operating it for 1-2 years, you will then receive a nomination. You can then use that to apply for Permanent Residency through the Express Entry process.

In order to arrive in Canada, the process takes about 10-14 months or more.
And in order to obtain your permanent residency status, you will need about 2-3 years.
What other options do I have to obtain residency?
As an entrepreneur, you can either immigrate via the Owner Operator Pathway or the Provincial Entrepreneurship pathway.

Other than business options consider applying through the regular Express Entry process if you can obtain a high point average (above 450 points) in the CRS Points System. If you are unable to obtain such a high score, consider finding a Provincial Nomination Program to apply for. Before you obtain a nomination, most PNPs require you to have a connection to the province: 1) Either a job, 2) A degree or diploma form a local education institution, or 3) A family relative or friend living in that province. Please read more here.
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