We can work with you to secure an offer of admission to a Canadian college, and afterwards obtain for you a Student & Work Permit for Canada.
Canada is one of the most sought after destination for higher studies. The government invests heavily in the education system, and offers a cheaper alternative than studying in the United States. Hence, students prefer to study there for its quality and affordability. A Canadian education will certainly add value to you in your career and beyond.

Another great advantage is that after you complete your Canadian studies, you would be eligible to remain and work in Canada. Essentially, you would obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit which would allow you to stay and work under an open work permit for up to three years. Generally, after completing one year of full time work, students apply for permanent residency, through the Canadian Experience Class. Because they would have completed Canadian work and study experience, they would obtain 100s of additional points in the Express Entry system, which virtually guarantees them acceptance as permanent residents.
What is the process for obtaining a Student Permit, in brief?
Your first step is to find a Canadian college that you are interested in. No matter your academic goals, Canada has the suitable colleges and universities for you. Once you find that school, the first step is to apply for admission. At this stage we would connect you to an Educational Consultant who would assist you obtain an Offer of Admission. You would pay tuition directly to the Canadian college. After you obtain that Offer, the next step will to apply for Study Permit and Work Permit. In this stage, you will have to satisfy the visa officer that your educational pursuits are legitimate and that you have enough finances to cover your educational expenses. Contact us to help you with the admission and permit processes.
What should I do after I have been accepted to a Canadian college?
Once you have been accepted, your next step is to apply for a Canada Study Permit. This requires you to complete a number of pre-steps in order to prove your financial situation, intention to study, and other matters. We will then complete the application processes for the temporary visa and study permit for you. We will also assist you to learn about working while studying in Canada.
Can I work while studying?
Yes. You are eligible for an open work permit while you study, which will allow you to work a maximum of 20 hrs. After you complete your studies, you will need to apply for another work permit in order to work more than those designated hours
When can the study permit holder apply for permanent residency?
There is no minimum wait time. In order to qualify for extra points in the Express Entry process, it is recommended that you apply after 1 year of work experience. After the first year of working in Canada, the recent graduate would obtain many extra points, and would qualify into the Canadian Experience Class. In most cases, the Express Entry process can be completed in less than 8 months.
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